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Elaine Derby has been creating artistic portraits of women and children for over 30 years.  With patience and a calming manner, she naturally creates a peaceful atmosphere that allows her subjects to comfortably express themselves.  She intuitively seeks to reveal the true essence of each person, resulting in timeless creations that are full of warmth and emotion.

Elaine's work has earned her dozens of state and national awards, and a Master of Photography degree.  Her creative images have been published in Kodak's book "The Portrait", in Studio Photography, Lens, and Infoto magazines, and in several of the PPofA Loan Collection books, which showcase award winning images by photographers from around the world.  Her greatest reward however, is in creating portraits that will touch your soul, and give you lasting pleasure.

"I especially love photographing kids between the ages of 7 and 14, since that's often an age where they rarely have professional portraits taken.  I feel that this is a huge loss, since the changes they go through during those years can be dramatic.  The years between childhood, adolescence, and becoming young adults can be a difficult transition, and is a time when they have a lot of peer pressure about how they look.  The opportunity to help kids actually "see" themselves and how incredible they are is something that I love doing!  To have beautiful portraits of your child created while they're on the threshold of becoming young adults is a priceless gift to give yourself, and will be a treasured possession!

I'm really excited to be offering a new genre of heart centered images that I call "Soul Connection Portraits".  My mission with this work is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders, healers, coaches, speakers, and authors to be seen and recognized, so that their vital work can be shared not only locally, but globally as well.  We all have a divine purpose in this life, and so many are being called to step into their power, and to shine their individual light out into the world. We need these spiritually based messengers more than ever, and I’m passionate about helping them to radiate their soul’s purpose out into the world!"  

You can view some of this work by clicking here:!/page/270582/soul-connection-portraits


"Although I specialized in children's portraits for most of my career, a large part of my work throughout the years has often been of women.  I've always encouraged my clients who are moms to take the time to have professional portraits taken of themselves, as well as their children.  Most women will make excuses for not having portraits taken - they may think they need to lose weight, or that they're just not photogenic.  I love showing women just how beautiful they are, by creating portraits that illuminate their beauty, strength, wisdom, and grace."



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